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Hey Ninja! x

Welcome to Pricer Ninja's wizard. Here you'll find all the tools you need in order to create beautiful Pricing Tables.

Tools x

This is the "Tools" menu. Here you can change your table's data, play with its skin, set a title and more...

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Edit Content x

Under this area you can edit your table's content. The main screen is for editing a box, while if you'll click the "Edit cells" button, it will lead you to edit the box's cells. Go on, try it!

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Choosing a skin x

You may choose a skin for your table by clicking the "Skins" menu (The one who marked in Turquoise).

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Changing settings x

Change your table's settings under the "Settings" menu. Here you can control the table's title, ads, privacy, and background.

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Live View x

You can always see a live preview of your table here. The preview in fully integrated with the tools menu, meaning, clicking one of the cells will open the relevant editor for editing it.

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Save & Publish x

After you've done editing your table, publish it by clicking the "Save & Publish" button.
That's it. You're all set!