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Choose the best skin for your website

Browse between dozens of beautiful HTML5 & CSS3 skins that were customized to Pricer Ninja's pricing tables, and choose the best skin for your website.

Customize your table as you like

We are using a super intuitive, innovative, and easy-to-learn user interface, which means that you don't need any prior knowledge in HTML & CSS for creating a beautiful Pricing table. With our advanced edtior, you'll be able to customize your pricing table as you want.

Publish your table once

One of the greatest things about Pricer Ninja is that after creating your table, you can easily publish it by just drop a few lines of code in your website. Once you've implemented Pricer Ninja's code, you may keep updating your table, while we will take care of updating it in your website!

Manage and analyze your tables

After publishing your table, Pricer Ninja will provide you tools for analyzing your table's conversion and popularity. With our powerful analytics tools, you'll be able to view your tables' statistics including table views, button clicks, and social shares.